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What We Do: Our mission is to provide a way for our members to freely associate and receive discount services from members. This organization merely facilitates the collaborative efforts of members, including but not limited to; the allocation of costs and revenues. We will operate in an atmosphere that ensures the security and safeguards against diversion non-members. Our methods of operation and business form fall under the United States Constitution, 1st Amendment of freedom to associate.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Membership in the non profit organization shall be open to any patient with a valid medical marijuana/cannabis recommendation issued by a licensed California physician in good standing with the California Medical Board and who is need of its services and willing to support this organization’s purposes and principles.

RESPONSIBIUTIES OF MEMBERS: Responsibilities of members include: supporting the organization by contributing time, labor, materials, capital etc. All members must abide by the policies and procedures adopted by the organization.

RIGHTS OF MEMBERS: Rights of the members include: safe access, services of cultivation of their doctor recommended cannabis, to participate in membership meetings and elections, to participate in the volunteer program and to participate in any membership benefits established by the Board.

TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: The Board or president of organization may terminate the membership of any member at any time for the following reasons: diversion to non-members, failure to maintain current records, or failure to follow policies or procedures, breaking of any law.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: The Collective shall hold a general membership meeting no less than once a year for the members willing to participate.

MEMBER REPRESENTATIONS: I represent that I am a qualified person, over the age of 21; I agree not to distribute products obtained from this organization to non-members;