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& Career Training

Take our programs on-site and online.


Provide quality career & business training for you

Local Business

We teach, mentor and guide you through an idea to open doors of your desired local small business.

Online Startups

We teach you computers as well as careers in web development. Web creation and working online.

Cannabis Careers

Aside from your traditional cree, we provide training for cannabis jobs. We teach retail, delivery & more

business incubator

Live in-person, detailed instructions, mentoring and career training.

You’re going to get in person and hands on career training geared towards the career you want to get into. After an initial assessment of your skills, we will help you choose the career or business you want to start and being our training.


Mission Statement

For everyone get back to work

    • Core Beliefs

We believe that everyone is capable for rising up and conquering mountains.

    • Our Vision

Understanding that not everyone is built the same way.  Some of us need more care and we strive to help everyone that comes through our doos.

    • Our Goals

Is to create a sustainable living for everyone.  We want to get everyone back to work as soon as possible.


We provide various courses in different areas.

Browse through the courses and choose the one fits for you.

Business Incubator

Career / Entrepreneur

Courses offering business start up and compliance. Brand creation, business creation, customer service and marketing.

Web Development

Online / Business

Online website development, HTML, Joomla, Getresponce, WordPress, domain, hosting, email markeing and more.



Management, budtending, delivery and office administrative. Cannabis business compliance, standard operating procedures.


“I couldn’t have done it alone”

When I 1st got laid off due to my back injury, I decided what a great time to pursue my own business. I thought I couldn’t do it alone, so I looked online and found bloom. The rest is history. Now I’m operating my own small bookkeeping business and working for myself.

Michelle Stuart


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